"I love these pruning shears! They are very sharp, sturdy and comfortable to use.  With all

the choices, I feel I made the exact right one buying the Beville Gardens pruning shears."                                                                                                                                                                                                   Diana

​MAKE STAYING WARM EASIER WITH THE LUG-A-LOG WOOD CARRIER!  Forget about repeated trips to and from your wood pile, loading rough bark in your arms and getting scratches and dirt on your clothes and arms!

★ Comfortably handles 5 to 6 medium to large logs in a single trip, more depending on your own strength
★ Super strong double-layered PVC plain weave material with a cotton core,  eucalyptus wood handles provide a pleasing grip for one or two hands
★ Waterproof, won’t tear, rip or puncture, cleans easily
★ Expansively sized at 43” long x 20” wide
★ Carries long, medium, odd shaped, trimmed and untrimmed wood easily
★ Includes a nylon drawstring bag for protection and storage   

    ​          Usually $32.75  Now $21.50!

Goatskin Gardening Gloves

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"Excellent product and value!   The shears themselves were of great quality and cut my rose bushes and smaller branches on my birch tree easily and without issue. I also like how the handles are textured so that they don't slip when my hands got a little sweaty."                                                                                                                                                                                              Angie

LUGALOG wood carrier tote

GENUINE GOATSKIN LEATHER GARDEN GLOVES, perfect when you want  great fit and excellent dexterity!  Just right for gripping weeds,  using hand tools, or managing rough wood and branches.

★Designed with a broad stretch wrist band to add scratch protection to the delicate arm area, often left exposed between the typical glove top and any shirt or jacket....and keeps  unwanted debris. dirt, and moisture out of your gloves and away from your hands!

★Known for its soft feel, goatskin is naturally rich in skin-conditioning lanolin, giving it an endurance and vitality that is comparable to cowhide, but less bulky and much more flexible.   And the spandex back adds comfort and breathability.....no more sweaty hands!

★Available in  Alaskan Blue & White, or Black & Tan these gloves come in Women's Small, Medium, and Large.   

"Brava!  Trims branches easily and feels like an extension of my hand."   Antonio

Beville Garden Goatskin Gardening Gloves

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Beville Gardens Women's Gardening Glove

     Heavy Duty Professional Hand Pruners

Goatskin Gardening Gloves

LUG-A-LOG Wood Carrier Tote

    AUTUMN SALE!  Usually $28.50  Now $15.80!

Beville Gardens 

​        $12.80 per pair - Blue or Black S, M, or L

"Just what I was looking for, and didn't know it until I tried your gloves!  I have a small fruit orchard and  love the way I can do hours of work without blisters or scratches now!"     Constance

"Almost too pretty to use, but I did and am very pleased!  Weeding was so easy, handled the thistles perfectly, and finally no rash!  I love to garden, but have very sensitive hands that react to many plants, so thank you!"   Susanna


"I am sure these are great gardening gloves, but I use mine for riding.  They give me a good grip on the reins and are super comfortable!"    Anita  

"These were a gift from my wife who got tired of all my gardening nicks and cuts, and I will be using these gloves from now on!  Good feel, strong, and did the job."   George

"Finally a log carrier that has been made to last!  This one works just like it should, and  makes it really easy to my firewood wood."    Blake

"Great tool!  I have one for my fireplace and another stored in the RV for use in camping.  Rolls up nicely in its bag, too."   Robbie 


​​​HEAVY DUTY PROFESSIONAL PRUNING SHEARS, razor sharp and edged for clean and smooth cuts every time! Great for all stems and branches up to 3/4 " thick

★High carbon, drop forged steel construction for strength and durability

★Advanced tension spring designed for a consistent rebound
★Brightly colored pruner for easy spotting amid your trimming debris                               

★Comfortable textured non-slip grip,  perfect fit for small or large hands

★Fast and secure blade closure with flexible locking strap.                                  

★A "must have" tool for all gardeners, landscapers, florists, and homeowners!